This page includes links to organisations within the Diocese, the province, or which might be of wider interest.  The Diocese has the right to withdraw links to websites of organisations or individuals who are actively opposed to established Scottish Episcopal Church  Policy.


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Other Related Sites

  • Aberdeen Street Pastors:  an interdenominational church initiative that endeavors to respond positively to the issues facing our city centre and those that visit it at night.  More information is available on the Street Pastor Movement is available on the Street Pastors Website.
  • Affirming Catholicism:  A movement emphasising the Catholic element within Anglicanism.
  • Anglicans Online: An online Anglican news service.
  • Archbishop of Canterbury:  The official website of the Archbishop of Canterbury that includes the Archbishop's news and writings.
  • BBC Religion and Ethics:  Links to TV and radio programs, and a wealth of other resources for exploring Chirstianity.
  •  A large site providing news and views on a range of major faiths, including Christianity.
  • Church of England:  The website of the Church of England.
  • Church of Ireland:  The website of the Church of Ireland.
  • Church in Wales:  The website of the Church in Wales.
  • Eco-Congregation: an ecumenical programme helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith, and respond in practical action in the church, in the lives of individuals, and in the local and global community. 
  • Ekklesia:  A think-tank that promotes transormative theological ideas in public life.
  • Epiphany Group:  brings together women and men who have trained in and practice Ignatian Spirituality in Scotland
  • Evangelical Alliance:  The Alliance is the largest body serving evangelical Christans in the UK, and has a membership including denominations, churches, organisations and individuals.
  • Fresh Expressions:  encourages and resources new ways of being church, working with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions. The movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.
  • HOPE Counselling:  Details of a Christian Counselling Service for those aged 16 and above based in Aberdeen.
  • Killing the Buddha:  Killing the Buddha is a religion magazine for people made anxious by Churches, people embarrassed to be caught in the 'spirituality' section of a bookstore, and people both hostile to, and drawn to talk of God.
  • Mission to Seafarers:  An organisation that supports seafarers around the world.
  • North-East Christian Diary:  A listing of events that will take place in and around Aberdeen.
  •, an online resource supported by a wide range of British Churches, looks at how Jesus has been quoted, misquoted, filmed, reported on, worshipped and argued over.
  • Scotland Churches Trust:  opens the door to Scotland's story by exploring living traditions of faith across the country.
  • Scottish Christian:  The Scottish Christian website is updated daily with stories from Scottish news organisations, church press offices and other sources.
  • Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum:  provides a focal point for discussion and development of Pilgrim Walking Routes within Scotland
  • Sojourners:  Christians for Justice and Peace:  Sojourners seeks to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.
  • Theos:  A public theology think tank providing alternative perspectives to secular culture and public opinion.
  • Third way Magazine:  A current affairs magazine, written from a Christian perspective.