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You can request prayer for yourself, or for someone you know using the form below.

Prayers (using first names only) are sent to our Diocesan Prayer Circle every Tuesday, before members of the Diocese join in prayer from where-ever they are at 9:00pm on that day - the order of Night Prayer is available on the Provincial Website.  If you would like to be prayed for for more than one week, please indicate this in the "Prayer Request Details".  You can sign up to join the prayer circle by filling in the form below, or by emailing our Spirituality Convenor.

You can also request prayer on our Prayer Circle Facebook group where the links to the Orders of Morning, Evening and Night Prayer will also be published Daily at 6:30am, 3:00pm, and 6:30pm respectively.

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Prayer Requests will be sent to the Diocesan Spirituality Convenor

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