There are a wide range of both diocesan and ecumenical groups that contribute to the life of Diocese.  More information about them, in addition to contact forms that can be used to contact the groups direct, are available on the following pages.

Children and Family Ministry Network

Information about the work in the Diocese to support our Children and Families.

Cursillo Movement

The Cursillo Movement helps mature Christians live a more effective Christian life, to deepen their relationship with God and to act as salt and light in the world.

Epiphany Group

The Epiphany Group brings together people who have trained in, and practise, Ignatian spirituality.

Julian Meetings

The Julian Meetings are designed to help participants grow in the practice of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition.

Library and Archives

The Library and Archives group hold material relating to the Diocese, and help with inquiries made for information

Mothers' Union

The Mothers’ Union is a Christian organisation concerned with marriage and family life.

Youth Network

Information on the work in the diocese to support our teenagers and young adults.