Faith and life

An Introduction from Bishop Bob Gillies

Linking faith and life is something we all aspire to. Yet getting the link right is the hard bit. Here are some difficult questions that focus the issue: truth telling is good and clearly links with faith, yet right action might not always be in sync with it. Honesty and integrity ought to be the default position and yet … and yet …

And then there’s the thorny question of how far we take environmental concerns into our regular Christian thinking. Does faith figure its way into our decision making whether or not to spend more, and yet more, on fuel for questionable journeys. We can also think of the way we speak to one another and deal with one another. There’s that lovely bit of scripture which says something like, ‘Let your bearing toward one another arise out of your life in Christ Jesus’. When frustrations arise it’s all too easy to let this one slip.

So, in summary, faith and life are integrated. They have to be. And yet getting it right is not easy. If this section of the website helps towards getting that integration better fitted to help us all then it is to be welcome and I warmly commend it to you’


What this section’s about

Faith has long been a significant part of life for most in our society. The church supports this both through its regular activities but also through its rites and rituals which are aimed at making Sacramental links between faith and life at key moments in the cycles of life and celebrating rites of passage. In these we would see our selves responding to grace which God had already bestowed.  Our rites thus aim to respond to a spiritual instinct such as the desire to create new family links through marriage or to celebrate the gift of a child through baptism. Here we detail the principle rites of the SEC as they are currently practiced in the SEC Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney.